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"Sometimes by losing a battle you find a new way to win the war."

-President Donald Trump

About the Author

Cartoonist Bob Dornfried is the creator of these political books however his greatest creations are his four children. Mr. Dornfried dedicates his books to today’s youth who are tomorrow’s leaders. 

His father was a Korean War Veteran and his son is in the Army National Guard. Mr. Dornfried is a registered Democrat but more importantly he is an American. Like many citizens of the United States, he is saddened to see the divide at all levels of society.

In the summer of 2018, Mr. Dornfried became increasingly dismayed with what he perceived as denigrating and repugnant stereotypes of fellow Americans – Trump supporters.

He set out on a journey of enlightenment determined to learn for himself who Trump supporters were and how they felt about major issues facing our country. Whether it was in the workplace or on the street - during his bus commute or in the supermarket line - Mr. Dornfried engaged reluctant Trump supporters and asked questions...and got answers – lots of them. So his perspectives are from that of an open-minded moderate Democrat. He feels that in these times, we need to stop pointing fingers at each other and focus on ourselves - We are all to blame and we “all” need to be the solution. 

If these books help to change one mind to embrace love and not hate then they are a success! Remember, Love Always Wins!

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Remember, "Love Always Wins"

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